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School Photography in the North-East

We are now an accredited School's Photographic Service through the eyes of the highly acclaimed Capita Sims Data & Security software specialists offering schools automatic importer licences direct.

Covering Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Newcastle and Durham.

After more than two decades our school photography service continues to flourish. Photographing all ages of children from nursery and playgroup age, to infants and juniors, first school, middle school and primary schools, to high schools and sixth forms.  Its success is based upon a combination of factors including:

An understanding of how schools and nurseries work

Time is a precious commodity in schools and we understand entirely the need to be time-efficient. We achieve this with detailed planning between the school and ourselves combined with the flexibility necessary to cope with unforeseen challenges that are an everyday part of school life.

Pleasantness and professionalism

We enjoy our work and we aim to make the whole school photography experience pleasant for children and staff too. Attention to detail is at the core of our sessions. Providing a relaxed environment  and building a good rapport with students and staff; helps us sensitively ensure that everyone's appearance is how they began the day, smart and tidy - concentrating especially on faces, hair, clothing, ties, jumpers etc. 

Top quality

From our initial contact with you through the taking of your photographs, the ordering process, the delivery to parents and our back-up administration throughout, our attention to detail is meticulous. Our printers have demonstrated the consistent top-quality that we demand on your behalf.

Review of products

We review the products we offer to parents and schools constantly, introducing new ones whilst maintaining those with enduring popularity. Our recently introduced ‘abstract' group photograph has proved a revelation in terms of its popularity. In it we take shots of small groups of children before digitally combining them into the large composite group/class.


  • SIMS and Serco database support. We continually look to use innovations to improve the experience we provide to schools and parents. We can provide school with photographs that download simply into your SIMS database.
  • Online ordering. We can provide on-line ordering for your parents, with the advantage of reducing the work involved in the order collection process. When you have been given your reference numbers to access your photographs, you can order online by clicking here.



Our business agreement

Our prices our competitive and we pay close attention to their affordability to parents.

Our contract with your school can provide a lump-sum commission based largely on overall sales and our costs - if we spend less time at the school or travelling we can pay more commission. Schools can also choose to receive their commission in VAT recoverable products such as photographic equipment, memory cards etc.