There's nothing like having a beautiful photograph of your family.

If you have a plan of your portrait or need to find out how we can make the most of your family portrait please give us a call, we've got loads of ideas and we can make it so easy for you.

A studio portrait is a fun occasion, a much more relaxed experience than most expect. It needn't be a special occasion but if you'd like a large family gathering your photographer could meet you somewhere more personal to you, on location.

Family Portraits

We have such a bond with our families. Sometimes it’s not that often they can get together, which is why it’s such a lovely experience in capturing families giggling together whilst they recall precious memories.

What to wear gets harder when there’s more of you.  A colour scheme really enhances your images.

Couples Portraits

Togetherness is so powerful.
It isn’t always a special landmark to be the reason for bringing your partner or family for a portrait. Some come for engagements and pre-wedding shoots to shun those camera nerves, anniversaries, just a get-together after a few years away, celebrating sisterly love; for all sorts of reasons.
You may choose to be in the Studio or meet at one of your favourite locations that holds special memories for you both.

Teens Portraits

Using different coloured backgrounds, black & white, or sepia images, can really change the mood of an image.

It’s sometimes not seen as ‘cool’ to be photographed, especially with a sibling. Our staff are all easy-going which encourages Teenagers to feel more relaxed and fall into ‘being them’ again.

Children Portraits

Every shoot is great fun. The children giggle and enjoy themselves and there’s plenty of attitude too! We love it!
Children are so natural and take it in such a relaxed way.  Their clothing can be as simple as a pair of jeans & white T-shirt.  Their eyes are so bold, you’re drawn into each image.  Whether it be a cute, fun or moody expression parents love them.  So many want them all.

Studio Portraits

If there are two or more people, choosing a colour scheme works really well. Avoiding checks, flowers & large motifs on tops really do make a big difference. By avoiding pattern and colour clashes it enhances the whole image and concentrates the eye onto those in the photographs.

  • Plain clothing always works best.
  • Large motives, vivid patterns, stripes and checks are best avoided as they can be distracting.
  • Pastel shades work very well for babies.
  • For more informal shots we often pose you on the floor, sometimes with bare feet. Nail varnish for the ladies or plain socks for the men is recommended.
  • Because the feet of babies are cute we usually remove their socks.

Our studio is on the first floor, accessed by a wide stairway. Buggies should be left at the foot of the stairs and just bring your valuables up with you.

On-Location Portraits

Often families meet up for special occasions and prefer to have photographs taken at one of their favourite places instead of the studio.

Listening to them muse over sentimental memories from years back during the photograph sessions at one of their favourite old haunts is really interesting and often funny. It is our reward when they share these with us.

“Amazing service and always fantastic photos. Michelle and the team have managed to capture moments in time and I am truly grateful. I have used this company for 11 years and would never go elsewhere. Thank you.”

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